We are a manufacturer of hygienic needles (lancets) for sample collection of a small volume of blood used by diabetic patients to measure their blood glucose level, as well as providing needles for other medical applications. We also manufacture safety products for automobiles, these include Polyslider Tape (our proprietary product), plastic bearings, rollers and other precision molded products.

Most of our products are supplied globally. We strictly comply not only with ISO9001, ISO13485 (GMP) and ISO14001 but also with various other EU directives. We are committed to continual improvement in quality and in consideration of the environment.

To enhance our customers’ satisfaction, we are proactive in assessing market trends, supplying unique creative products and innovative new technology. Furthermore we have installed state-of-the-art production facilities, modeling equipment, mold flow analysis software, 3D automatic measurement equipment, plus other leading edge techniques, which enable us to collaborate with our customers by providing precise information and service quickly. Our integrated in-house production systems are designed to accommodate all our customer needs.

Please feel free to visit our Kuse plant in Okayama and our headquarters in Osaka.

President : Takafumi Yamanaka

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Our development starts with repeatedly respond to the need for easier to use. We believe that well thought-out products have power to be loved continuously by our customers.

No matter how much convenience a product brings to customers, If it is not in high quality, customers will not repeat to buy them. We aim for 120% customer satisfaction in high quality through extraordinary effort.

Thoroughly controlled integrated system through design, prototype fabrication, mold development to mass production at extremely huge quantity, which is the fundamental basis of our trusted products.

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As part of our social responsibility, Kuse Plant promotes consideration to the global environment through ISO14001 activities.

Our Fundamental Principle

Asahi Polyslider Company, Limited Okayama Kuse Plant recognizes the importance of harmony with global environment, and works to achieve enriched society and better global environment.

Our Environmental Policy

Asahi Polyslider Company, Limited Okayama Kuse Plant (“our company”) has set the following policy for our business including the manufacturing of APS proprietary products, high-precision molded products and medical products:

 1. Promote energy saving.
 2. Reduce waste and apply appropriate treatment (recycle).
 3. Comply with environmental regulations and other requirements to which our company has
 4. Operate our environmental management system through participation by all employees,
    and work to maintain its effectiveness, continue to improve it and prevent environmental
 5. Regularly check the progress of environmental objectives defined by each department
    based on our environmental policy, and review their appropriateness.
 6. Notify this environmental policy to all employees and all suppliers of our company, and
    also make it available to general public.