Asahi Polyslider

株式会社旭ポリスライダー Asahi Polyslider

Corporate Information

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Our Business

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A Long History Backed by Results

The "Asahi" in the company name is a combinatiion of the Asahi River which flows through our hometown, the birthplace of our founder, combined with polymer + slideromes from the Asahi River, which running through this area , the birthplace of our founder, and a portmanteau of polymer and slider (Polyslider)

As the name says, Asahi Polyslider started with the development of sliding parts.

Medical device

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Making Healthcare More User-Friendly

Our medical business has grown with the development of lancets for use by diabetes patients. We started full-scale lancet production in the late 1980s, and to this day, our lancets are always supporting patients. We strive to develop products that fit users' needs, which is especially important for products that are used every day for important healthcare tasks.

Our experitise

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We have advanced technologies to meet a wide variety of needs